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The Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) at the University of New Mexico is committed to contributing to the understanding of economic and demographic issues in New Mexico by collecting and disseminating information, providing technical expertise, and analyzing and conducting applied research for a diverse constituency including community organizations, businesses, labor unions, government officials, academia, students and others. Through these efforts, BBER will further the public service and educational missions of the University of New Mexico and contribute to the economic well-being of New Mexico residents.

News & events

Check here regularly for information about the latest socioeconomic and demographic research.

Website Redesign

BBER is happy to announce a new look is coming soon to this website. We are busy developing more interactive ways to find and view data about New Mexico.

Recent publications and presentations

Medicaid Expansion Report

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Medicaid Expansion in New Mexico. Funding in part from new Mexico Center on Law and Poverty

Download the report in PDF >>

Reports on Lea County

Recent developments in the South east corner of New Mexico has prompted a detailed look in the area. Now available 3 reports Update of the Census for Lea County:

The Economic Context, in PDF >>

Population Dynamics, in PDF >>

Survey of Lea County Employers, in PDF >>

Economic & Fiscal Impacts of NM Medicaid Expansion

This presentation of a preliminary analysis on the New Mexico Medicaid expansion occurred October 27, 2015 to the NM Legislative Finance Committee.

Download the PDF presentation >>

Mid-May 2015 Apartment Survey

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority contracts with BBER to survey vacancy rates and rental data in communities across NM.

Download the PDF report >>

Economic Impacts of the UNM Health Sciences Center on the New Mexico Economy

This report describes the impacts, in terms of jobs, income, economic output and taxes, of UNM HSC on the State economy.

Download the PDF report >>

New Mexico's Creative Economy Report

The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs commissioned BBER to study the role of arts and cultural industries in New Mexico's economy. The resulting report, Building on the Past, Facing the Future: Renewing the Creative Economy of New Mexico, reviews the economic impact of those creative industries, discusses the challenges and opportunities, and concludes with policy recommendations.

Download the PDF report >>

Slide presentation of findings, Dec 17, 2014 >>

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