Applied Public Finance

BBER routinely includes fiscal analysis in our studies of different regions and communities in the state and as part of our economic impact analyses. However, we also have a long history of undertaking a diversity of research projects in the broad area of applied public finance. During the 1990’s, for example, BBER was involved in studying the NM tax system. A 1999 study examined expenditures, revenue sources and tax capacity for individual local governments for the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments. In 2004, BBER was requested to take an in-depth look at the financial costs and benefits of the proposed City of Albuquerque -Bernalillo County Consolidation. In 2005, we did an extensive study of the federal presence in New Mexico to inform a New Mexico First Town Hall dealing with the management and future of federal investment in New Mexico. A Legislative appropriation funded a 2007-08 study of the fiscal viability of a South Valley municipality. In 2010 for the State Library, we explored funding options for local libraries in New Mexico. In 2013 we examined the potential impacts of recently passed legislation to reduce the corporate income tax. In both 2012 and 2015 we undertook studies that estimated the impacts on the State General Fund of the Medicaid Expansion. Finally, in 2014 and again in 2016, we are working to build a simple model that can inform decision-making about alternatives to the current gross receipts tax.  Research publications in applied public finance can be found here.

Please contact Dr. Lee A. Reynis for additional information regarding applied public finance research at BBER.

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