Founded on July 1, 1945, the then Bureau of Business Research (BBR) was established in response to two major concerns of the day.  First, New Mexico's economy was lagging nationally with the highest unemployment rate of any state in 1940.  Second, the University of New Mexico was seeking to assume a significant role in providing community service and leadership. Thus, BBER was created at UNM as a way to focus university resources in an effort to foster the economic development of New Mexico.

The economic wellbeing of New Mexico's residents, businesses, governments and non-profit organizations has been the primary focus of the institution throughout its history. From the beginning to the present, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) has focused on helping New Mexicans better understand the state's economy and the demographic characteristics of our population. This mission is undertaken for the very practical reason that such an understanding will help individuals in all facets of the NM economy to assist with policy formation and to make sound decisions. To this end, BBER collects and disseminates socioeconomic information, develops, measures and forecasts economic performance and population growth, and conducts in-depth socioeconomic research. These are the means by which BBER has pursued its quest for understanding -- a quest that is at the core of the institution.

Today BBER maintains a major depository of socioeconomic data that is open to the public, which is housed at the Data Bank and on BBER's "content-heavy" website, which contains interactive data tools and visualizations, and current and historical data downloads.  BBER also publishes a monthly newsletter featuring economic indicators and topical articles (New Mexico Business), a contract research program that studies a wide variety of economic and demographic issues, and an economic forecasting service (FOR-UNM) that provides projections of numerous economic variables for the state as a whole and each of the four metropolitan areas (Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe).

In addition, BBER maintains close ties to the U.S. Census Bureau.  The Data Bank is an active member in the Census Bureau's State Data Center/ Business and Industry Data Center Program (SDC/BIDC) .  Under this program the Annual Data Users Conference is organized each year. We also support the the Census Bureau's  Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates programs which is associated with UNM Geospatial and Population Studies.

Finally, since the early 1990s, BBER has provided research and data through two special programs funded by the New Mexico State Legislature: The Census Dissemination and Demographic Analysis Program and the Resource Geographic Information System Program (RGIS). The former allows BBER to add significant value to basic Census Bureau data while the latter promotes and utilizes GIS technologies for data dissemination and research.

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