BBER services include:

New Mexico Economic Forecast (FOR-UNM): The New Mexico Economic Forecast (FOR-UNM) is a tool for decision makers in the private and public sector to understand economic trends in New Mexico. The forecast should be used to guide future decision making, identifying future markets and budget planning processes. The forecast is a quarterly tiered-subscription service which projects numerous economic variables for the state as a whole as well as for each of the major metropolitan areas-Albuquerque,  Las Cruces, and Santa Fe. Subscribers to the forecast service receive economic forecasts, analysis of the US, New Mexico, and regional trends, and are invited to participate in quarterly forecast meetings.


Data Dashboards: Data Dashboard's are a subscription based service used to visually communicate current indicators of a specific place or industry to those whom a government agency, business or organization serves. It is a way to tell your story. The service is an annual subscription that is a customized package to the subscriber’s needs. BBER works with subscribers who receive customizable web-based data visualization snapshots of their specific needs in a visual graphic format, along with constant maintenance and updates to the dashboards and/or access to a customized database.

Research: BBER has the expertise to understand the big picture economic indicators and trends affecting the US economy and New Mexico’s economy. In turn BBER can apply this knowledge to tailored and detailed research for how it matters to individual government departments, businesses and organizations. BBER at its core is a research group and our team is eager to hear about and work on your individual and tailored research projects.

Data Bank: The Data Bank is the backbone of the services that BBER provides. BBER has developed sophisticated technology to collect and identify accurate data, as well as process, format and maintain large data sets. This ability to curate data is unlike any other data service in New Mexico. BBER has the ability to layer many types of data over each other in order to analyze and forecast trends and relationships between economic factors based on location. This data is collected and stored electronically through the Data Bank which also serves as an agency for New Mexico in the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Data Center program. 

Speaking Engagements: BBER is available for speaking engagements upon request.

For information on BBER Services and how BBER can help serve you contact: 

Jennifer Esquivel