Data Bank

The Data Bank is the backbone of the services that BBER provides. BBER has developed sophisticated technology to collect and identify accurate data, as well as process, format and maintain large data sets. This ability to curate data is unlike any other data service in New Mexico. BBER has the ability to layer many types of data over each other in order to analyze and forecast trends and relationships between economic factors based on location. This data is collected and stored electronically through the Data Bank which also serves as an agency for New Mexico in the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Data Center program. 

Data Bank Library:  The Data Bank houses a reference library collection. In addition to hard copy census reports for the US and New Mexico, dating back to the 1930s, the library also has historical data on CDs, sheet maps, and microfilm not available elsewhere; publications with socioeconomic data from other federal and state agencies; books, reports, and periodicals pertaining to national, regional, state, and local economic conditions; demographic research publications; and nearly all of BBER’s published studies. New information is received and disseminated exclusively in digital formats. 

The Data Bank Library is open to the public for reference use; a photocopier and scanner are available. The library collection can be searched through LIBROS, UNM’s online catalog (select UNM Department Libraries as part of the search). 

Data Bank Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday                            8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm
                                          Tuesday, Thursday                                                  8am – 12pm

Access:  Data Bank staff post maps and data tables with population and other demographic data, as well as employment, labor force, and other economic indicators on our website. Data not posted is available by request. 

Data Subscription Options: Access to data is available on a fee based subscription. By subscribing to BBER's database service, you will recieve password protected access to a selected data sets that includes data such as; Gross Receipts, Mortgage Rates, Bank Loan Rates, General Fund information, Poverty statistics and more. 

Data Subscription: 

  • Access to multiple data sets of subscribers choice
  • Regularly Scheduled Updates and Maintenance by BBER
  • Annual Subscription 

Data Conference: One of our biggest events that the Data Bank organizes each year is the Annual NM Data Users Conference. Please see the conference webpage for more information on the NM Data Users Conference. 

Contact us for further questions:

Phone: 277-6626