2002 Economic Census

Data from the 2002 Economic Census are available from the Census Bureau by industrial sectors (North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS) and from the Survey of Business Owners, which presents statistics about minority- and women-owned firms. The BBER has created selected summary tables from these reports. We developed data tables for two- and three-digit NAICS sectors, and only considered sectors where the Census Bureau had presented information for all New Mexico counties. A list of the tables we have created, along with links to information about the 2002 Economic Census and the NAICS system, are shown below.

We also have tables posted from the 2007 Economic Census and the 1997 Economic Census.

Summary Tables for New Mexico and Counties:

Reports from the Survey of Business Owners are available from the Census Bureau on a flow basis. You can check on the status of these reports at the Census Bureau's web site or click the link and go directly to the PDF version of the reports that have been released to date.