Natural Resources and the Environment

BBER has extensive experience working with assorted public and nonprofit entities on a variety of environmental and natural resource issues.

Recent work in this area includes an analysis conducted for the Foundation for Living, in which BBER assessed impacts of New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Tax Credit on New Mexico’s economy, households and environment. BBER also served as a member of the New Mexico Universities Working Group on Water Supply Vulnerabilities. In this role BBER helped assess and summarize the effects of recent and ongoing drought on New Mexico’s Lower Rio Grande, and the interplay between surface and groundwater availability and the area’s economic development and population growth. BBER has also worked with the NM State Land Office to evaluate how new horizontal drilling technologies are impacting New Mexico’s oil and gas revenues.

Please contact Dr. Gwendolyn Aldrich ( for additional information regarding environmental and natural resource research at BBER.

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