New Mexico Business Current Economic Report

The New Mexico Business Current Economic Report (NMB) is a comprehensive statistical report on the New Mexico economy. Each issue features an article that summarizes current economic conditions, reviews a recent BBER economic or demographic research project, or presents important data sources and tools. Charts and tables illustrate trends in over 60 state economic indicators updated monthly, compare US and NM economic growth, and display data for selected NM cities and metropolitan areas on the topics of construction, labor force, and retail gross receipts . A special two-month issue published in the spring provides a ten-year historical perspective on major economic sectors, covering over 200 statewide indicators, as well as an article reviewing the state's economy with a look toward the upcoming year.

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This year we are making big changes to the NMB. More of the content will be provided through webpages with data refreshed daily. The NMB has a long history as it has been published since 1945 by BBER. To preserve that tradition, a quarterly PDF with an article will still be compiled. The next change is that the publication will now be free of cost to subscribers.  Subscribers are notified by e-mail as new issues are released. For a subscription you will still need to supply us with e-mail and contact information feel free to review our privacy policy. To become a subscriber please contact  Guy Dameron.

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