Update on Speaker for Nov 16, 2017 NM Data Users Conference!

November 2, 2017

The US Census Bureau has confirmed that Alemayehu (Ale) Bishaw with the Poverty Statistics Branch will be presenting at the NM Data Users Conference on November 16. 

Ale joined the U. S. Census Bureau in 1999 as a survey statistician, as part of the Census 2000 decennial data collection operation. After the Census 2000 operation was completed, Ale joined the Poverty Statistics Branch in the early 2000 and become an important contributor in analyzing poverty statistics and designing the American Community Survey data products. Since the inception of the American Community Survey in 2005, Ale has authored and co-authored the annual poverty briefs using these survey data. He has also helped design the poverty data products on American Factfinder.

Ale will be presenting on how poverty is measured and a look at the need and summarized results of Supplemental Poverty Measures as well as reviewing national and state poverty statistics.

Registration and Additional Information on the conference are on the conference webpage.