Jeff has been with BBER since 2003 and has served as BBER’s Director since 2014. As Director, he oversees BBER’s research activities and information services, advises public and private organizations and works closely with the media. The focus of Jeff’s research is community and regional economic development in New Mexico, with emphasis on the creative economy, community revitalization, housing, internet access, strategic planning and the use of data in public policymaking. Jeff also directs BBER’s quarterly economic forecasting service. Prior to joining BBER, Jeff was on the faculties of Clark University in Massachusetts, New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico and has published in various scholarly journals. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Clark University.

Jeffrey Mitchell, Director

Lee A. Reynis is a Research Professor of Economics at The University of New Mexico and the former Director of the UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research. She has been a close observer of the New Mexico economy for more than 30 years and was an active participant in the process for developing BBER’s consensus forecasts using the FOR-UNM model. While retired, Lee continues to be involved in the research efforts of BBER, where she was the principal investigator on any number of projects over the years. With a Legislative appropriation in 2015, she was part of an inter-disciplinary team of researchers from five departments in three NM universities who analyzed the impacts of climate variability and drought in the Southern Rio Grande Valley and Las Cruces. She is currently working on projects with the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District and with a group of NM Pueblos.

Lee Reynis, Research Professor

Suzan has been with BBER since 2013 and oversees the BBER Data Bank. The Data Bank has been a member of the US Census Bureau State Data Center Program (SDC) since 1978. Suzan supports the mission of the SDC by providing public service to anyone needing assistance in accessing Census or Labor data. The Data Bank is also engaging in providing data services for clients who need website dashboards and data analytics leveraging our skills in data collection, visualization and curation. Suzan has over 20 years of experience in analyzing industry and occupation statistics for New Mexico’s economy.

Suzan Reagan, Senior Program Manager

Doleswar Bhandari is originally from Nepal and came to the U.S. in 2001. Doleswar joined BBER in 2008 as a Research Scientist. His research focus has been economic impact analysis, economic modeling, cost-benefit analysis, designing and conducting business and social surveys, and other economic and business studies. Doleswar conducted studies for various government, nonprofit, and private entities -including Los Alamos National Labs, Air Force Research Labs, Albuquerque International Airport, UNM and UNM Health Science Center, Dona Ana Community College, New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force, New Mexico SUN PATH Program, New Mexico Office of American Recovery and Reinvestment, Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico Mortgage and Finance Authority, City of Albuquerque, etc. Doleswar has a Master’s and Ph.D. degree in agricultural economics from University of Missouri and Louisianna State University, respectively.

Doleswar Bhandari, Research Scientist

Daren joined BBER in 2007 as a Research Scientist. Since working with the BBER, his research has touched on: econometrics, land use, public finance, and spatial analysis. Currently, he is creating data visualizations that are interactive and accessible via the internet. The visualizations are created using a Java Script library called d3. Daren has presented on a range of topics including, ‘The Effects of Complex Land Use Regulation on Commercial Property Development in the City of Albuquerque’ at NM Geographic Information Council and at the UNM BBER Data Users Conference. He supports the local economy by patronizing the Albuquerque micro brew industry.

Daren Ruiz, Research Scientist

Michael is a Research Scientist and has been with BBER since 2010. Michael is responsible for managing BBER’s quarterly economic forecasting program. Using the forecasting model, Michael produces 5-year projections of key economic variables for the state of New Mexico and its sub-state regions. Projections are used by both public and private-sector clients for the purposes of budgeting and strategic decision-making. In addition, Michael regularly engages in a wide variety of research projects related to tax policy analysis, regulatory analysis, demographic analysis, housing policy, and revenue forecasting.

Michael O’Donnell, Research Scientist

Julian joined BBER in 2015 as a Research Scientist. He has worked on a variety of projects including studies on the impact of publiclysupported micro loan investments, and the impact of publicly-supported infrastructure investment on the New Mexico economy. Julian’s areas of research interest are tax policy, public finance, economic development, energy, and social enterprise and social impact investing. Julian has contributed articles to the New Mexico Business Weekly on the topics of local labor force development, fiscal impacts of the oil and gas industry, and foreign trade. He has served as a mentor for the UNM Public Policy Evaluation Lab, which provides program evaluation services to local non-profits.

Julian Baca, Research Scientist

Jennifer joined BBER in 2017 as Communication Coordinator. Jennifer build’s and maintains BBER’s relationships with the public and private sectors around New Mexico. Further, Jennifer develops and implements brand identity strategies, website content development, social media management, graphic and print layout design conceptualization. Prior to working at BBER, Jennifer worked in both the private and public sector, and a Landscape Designer working for The City of Charlotte-Planning Department, Alfred Benesch & Company, Cardno, and interning with ColeJenest & Stone, and Bernalillo County. Jennifer spent 2 years living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jennifer Esquivel, Communications Coordinator

Mark started with BBER in 2016, shortly after returning to UNM to pursue a degree in Astrophysics. During his time at BBER, Mark has assisted in the Data Bank with projects including the New Mexico Data Users Conference and the Mortgage Finance Authority Apartment Survey. After obtaining his master’s degree from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UNM, Mark started his own insurance and securities firm in Albuquerque.

Mark Sullivan, Student Technical Specialist

Sarun is a Student Programmer with BBER. He has been with BBER since 2017. At BBER he helps conduct research through data collection, cleaning and visualization. Sarun is also the IT technician and manages the active directory, OU admin. access, setup of computers and licensing of software. While not working and free of homework he likes to swim, go on hikes and travel to new places. Born in Nepal, Sarun is a long way from home and will keep traveling wherever his career takes him in the future.

Sarun Luitel, Student Programmer

Jay began working as a Student Technical Specialist with BBER in 2017. Jay has worked on a wide range of projects, including research on implementing a retirement savings program for private-sector employees. Jay is an Albuquerque native, and is currently perusing his M.B.A. at the Anderson School of Management, with an expected concentration of Strategic Management and Policy, and Finance. Jay graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Economics from UNM in the spring of 2017, with a minor in Business Management and Peace & Justice Studies, along with a designation in Honors.

Jay Maharath, Student Technical Specialist

Andrew McCants joined BBER in 2018 as a Student Technical Specialist. Andrew McCants is currently obtaining his B.A. in Economics with a minor in Statistics at the University of New Mexico. He is expected to graduate in May 2019. After graduation Andrew aspires to attend graduate school. Throughout the years, he has been a part of the local chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the New Mexico Investment Society at UNM, and the Economics club.

Andrew McCants, Student Technical Specialist