The Bureau of Business & Economic Research offers several paid subscriber services, including monthly economic data release reports (NMB), FOR-UNM economic forecasting,  and the FOR-UNM Bulletin – a high level quarterly forecast summary.  We also offer permium online database access beyond those tools included on our main site. If you are interested in any of our subscriber services please feel free to contact us. Click below to access subscriber content:

For subscription questions regarding FOR-UNM, please conact Michael O'Donnell.

For subscription questions regarding NMB, please contact Suzan Reagan.

The Bureau of Business & Economic Research has operated an economic forecasting service (FOR-UNM) since 1979 to generate reliable projections of economic variables for use by New Mexico governments, businesses and non-profit organizations. Quantitative forecasts are made using a quarterly econometric model of New Mexico and the metro areas of New Mexico.

FOR-UNM offers a 5-year forecast of the New Mexico and metro area economies four times a year (March, May, August, and November). When each quarterly forecast is completed a written report is disseminated to client and includes: narratives on the recent history and outlook for the United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque MSA, Las Cruces MSA and Santa Fe MSA economies; an executive summary; a summary in graphical form; and occasional features (e.g. Gaming in New Mexico, Leading Indicators, and Tourism updates). The report also includes tables containing quarterly and annual historical and forecast data and growth rates for numerous New Mexico data series, including: personal income and the components of income such as wages and salaries, transfer payments, proprietors' income and dividend/interest/rent income; nonagricultural employment by sector including mining, manufacturing, government, construction, services and trade; average weekly wages by sector; the labor force and unemployment rate; oil and gas production; housing units authorized, and the dollar value of construction contracts for the state of New Mexico. Other variables in the model include employment by sector, housing units authorized, labor force and unemployment rates for the Albuquerque MSA, Las Cruces MSA, Santa Fe MSA, and Farmington MSA. Both the report (PDF) and the data series (MS Excel) are available in electronic format.

FOR-UNM offers a quarterly meeting with clients to present and explain the recent history and forecast, address questions and discuss key issues. The meetings provide a valuable opportunity to connect with economists and policymakers representing all sectors of the community. Current clients include State of New Mexico agencies, local governments, private companies and non-profit organizations. Discussions often include information not generally available to the general public and can be very enlightening.

The meetings last for three hours (9:00 AM – Noon), and are followed by a catered lunch and networking session. Each meeting also includes a guest speaker or two to address various aspects of the economy. Attendance is in the 35-40 range. Clients also receive access and consultation with BBER economists and receive additional analysis, more data and advice. Forecasts involving different scenarios are also available at the client’s request, within reason.

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