As of 01 May 2018

Note: Values over 100% capacity can occur as full capacity is recorded as top of spillway crest and/or state engineer limits. Not all water in a reservoir is usable. Sedimentation does occur, reducing true volume of water stored.
Sources: US Army Corps of Engineers, "Real-Time Data"
US Bureau of Reclamation Upper Colorado Region, "Water Operations"
USGS Water Resources, "National Water Information System"
30 year normals from USDA, "Natural Resources Conservation Service"
Hydrological shapefile provided by New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System
1 Maximum holding capacity from
2 Previously drained for maintaince to intake valves, refilling.
3 Storage capacity is limited by the Canadian River Compact to 200,000 acre-feet.
4 Information not avalible
5 Calculated value
6 Bonito Lake has been drained for dredging after the 2012 Little Bear Fire. Compleation not expected until 2017.
7 Estimated as maximum level observed.
8 Obtained from Bureau of Reclamation Fact Sheets.
9 Statewide refers to avalible data, for the resevoirs shown.
10 The lastest released data is January.
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