21st Annual NM Data Users Conference (2019)

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thank You to all the speakers and attendees for such a great conference.

Below find the presentations from the speakers:


New from the US Census Bureau (Eric Coyle, Data Dissemination Specialist, US Census Bureau) – Census Update: A look at new products to prepare for the Dec 2020 through April 2021 Data Releases.

Overview of 2020 Preparations (Veronica Arzate, Partnership Program, US Census Bureau) - An update on Partnership Activities in NM from the Census Bureau.

New Mexico Census Preparations (Robert Rhatigan, UNM Geospatial Population Studies) - The UNM GPS Department has been working with various 2020 Census programs and now we are less than a year away to the next Decennial count.

 NM Population Estimates and Projections (Jacqueline A. Miller, UNM Geospatial Population Studies) - The UNM GPS Department produces annual population estimates and tri-annual population projections for the state of NM.

Lunch Time Presentation

The New Mexico Economy: Recent History and Outlook (Jeffrey Mitchell, Director, UNM- Bureau of Business and Economic Research) - A summary of recent events in and performance of the New Mexico economy, along with an economic outlook for the coming two years.


Data on a Deadline: An Interactive Workshop for Journalists (Eric Coyle, Data Dissemination Specialist, US Census Bureau) – This workshop is designed to give reporters an overview of the power of census data. 

 Data Science Exploration: Lessons from the BBER Uranium Mine Remediation Study (Rose Rohrer, Researcher UNM BBER) – Discussion on how UNM BBER has addressed questions raised in its State-sponsored study on uranium mine remediation efforts in New Mexico.  

 The 2017 Economic Census and Tools (Andy Hait, Economic Census, US Census Bureau) – This presentation will provide a summary of the business data available from the Census Bureau, and will provide an update on the 2017 Economic Census data releases and an interactive dive into the latest Census tools to access these business data.

 Higher Education Data (Dawn Kenney, Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Research & Assessment, CNM) - From the basics of IES National Center for Education Statistics to other public data sets meeting the need for higher education data.

Helping Communities to Write Their Broadband Story: Experience using Census, FCC, and Other Open Datasets coverage and ACS Database (Dr. Robert Ballance, Founder of the Center for Internet as Infrastructure) – I3 Connectivity Explorer- a broadband data visualization tool that helps community members understand the local broadband situation in order to write a broadband story.

 Differential Privacy (Michael B Hawes, Senior Advisor for Data Access and Privacy, U.S. Census Bureau) - Facing the growing threat of re-identification, enter the need for Differential Privacy, What it is, what it isn't, and implications for 2020 Decennial Census for a non-technical audience.

Data.Census.gov (KaNin Reese, Center for Enterprise Dissemination, US Census Bureau) - THE new tool for accessing Census Bureau data moving into 2021. 

Stats in Schools (Scheré Johnson-Jordan, Statistics in Schools Branch, US Census Bureau) - The Statistics in Schools program provides resources for teaching and learning with real life data. Explore the site for standards-aligned, classroom-ready activities.

 Veterans by the Numbers (Eric Coyle, Data Dissemination Specialist, US Census Bureau) – Learn how to access the most up-to-date demographic, socioeconomic, housing, and business statistics about our Veterans from the ACS and the Survey of Business Owners using a variety of data tools available online.


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