Who We Are

The  University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) is the recognized expert in providing socioeconomic data and forecasting in New Mexico. With more than 70 years of experience, BBER’s research team provides economic forecasting as well as economic research services and data communication tools tailored to the needs of clients – public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic – seeking to understand and shape public policy on the state, regional, and local levels. 

BBER’s services and research help leaders in the Land of Enchantment to understand, forecast and identify trends and changing economic markets across the state of New Mexico in order to inform decision making.

History: BBER was founded on July 1, 1945. Then the Bureau of Business Research (BBR), it was established in response to two major concerns:

  1. New Mexico's economy was lagging nationally with the highest unemployment rate of any state in 1940. 
  2. The University of New Mexico (UNM) was seeking to assume a significant role in providing community service and leadership; as well as to focus university resources toward fostering the economic development of New Mexico.

Since the early 1990s, BBER has provided research and data through two programs funded by the New Mexico State Legislature: The Census Dissemination and Demographic Analysis Program and the Resource Geographic Information System Program (RGIS). The former allows BBER to add significant value to basic Census Bureau data while the latter promotes and utilizes GIS technologies for data dissemination and research.

From the beginning to the present, BBER has focused on helping New Mexicans better understand the state's economy and the demographic characteristics of our population. 

What Others Say About UNMBBER: 

“BBER is the most credible and independent source of economic data and analysis in New Mexico. Our Company has a membership with BBER so that we have limitless access to information that analyses the current state of the economy in our state such that we can make informed business decisions on where to focus our attention and manage our business.”
-Norm Becker, President + CEO, NM Mutual 

 “BBER was really helpful and knowledgeable in working with the City of Santa Fe to create a data dashboard that appears on the city’s home page.
Members of the public have already commented on the helpfulness of having key data for the city in an easily accessible place with a visual format.
If you’re a proponent of transparency and believe key data should be available to everyone, a data dashboard is the way to go. BBER has the tools and know-how to get it done.”
                                                        -Reed Liming, Division Director,                                                                     Land Use + Long Range Plnng., City of Santa Fe

"UNM-BBER has been an invaluable partner with NMMS working in the field with local MainStreet and Arts & Cultural District organizations. They have provided critical economic analysis that helps determine the current economic market position of the commercial district. More importantly they set a firm economic foundation from which our affiliated communities can set a strong market vision statement to achieve over the next 5 years which tutors their strategies to transform their local economy and the priority economic development projects for implementation to move their vision to reality.”                     -Rich Williams, Director, NM Mainstreet

"Trustworthy, unbiased market research based on accurate data and analytics is the only way for business owners to see where they’re going. New Mexico is fortunate to have the University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research or BBER.”
-Santa Fe New Mexican