New Mexico Economic Forecast (FOR-UNM): The New Mexico Economic Forecast (FOR-UNM) is a tool for decision makers in the private and public sector to understand historic, current and future economic trends in New Mexico. The forecast is exclusively produced by BBER and should be used to guide future decision making, identify future markets and aid in budget planning processes. This service is a quarterly subscription package which projects over 300 economic variables for the state as a whole, as well as for each of the major metropolitan areas - Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, Permian Basin, Santa Fe and non-metro. For more detailed information on this sevice visit our New Mexico Economic Forecasting page.


Data: BBER is the best resource for statistical information regarding the Land of Enchantment. BBER houses a large database focusing exclusively on New Mexico data that is pulled from state and national sources. BBER is skilled in identifying accurate data, as well as processing, formatting and maintaining large data sets. This ability to curate data is unlike any other data service in New Mexico. 

The data can be accessed via three outlets: Data Dashboards, Data Subscriptions and BBER's website.

Data Subscription: Access to data is available on an annual fee-based subscription. By signing up for BBER's Data Subscription Service, you will recieve password protected access to selected data sets. Visit our Data Bank page for more informaton. 

BBER Website: Visit our data page to access public data. 


Dashboards: Data Dashboards are used to visually communicate current indicators of a specific place or industry to those whom a government agency, business or organization serves. Put simply, it is a way to tell your story prominently on your website. The service is an annual subscription that is a customized package to the subscriber’s needs. Contact us for more information on Data Dashboards.


Research: BBER has the expertise to understand the economic indicators and trends affecting the U.S. and New Mexico’s economy. In turn, BBER can apply this knowledge to tailored and detailed research. At its core, BBER is a research group and our team oh PhD and Masters-level analysts are eager to hear about your individual and tailored project needs. Visit our research page to find links to past projects and presentations. 


Speaking Engagements: BBER is available for fee-based speaking engagements upon request. Contact us to arrange for a presentation by BBER. 

For information on BBER services and how BBER can help serve you, contact: