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 February 16th 2018 - Written by: Suzan Reagan

A Once in a Decade Opportunity for Small Towns in NM: Participant Statistical Areas Program or PSAP

New Mexico has many small towns and villages which are rich with history and strong community ties. These can be settlements, villages and small places which are not likely to become incorporated. They are often in rural areas that are geographically isolated. They might be communities that are considered frontiers or colonias. People in these communities often want to preserve and celebrate their way of life. These local communities are often faced with unique economic and social challenges to overcome. One of which is statistical data specifically for their community that can be used to evaluate their needs on housing, education, poverty, health, and other issues. Not having this data readily tabulated is also a significant barrier for small communities when trying to meet eligibility requirements for public resources. The Census Bureau publishes statistical data for small areas that are not incorporated which are called Census Designated Places or CDP’s…. View Full Post