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 July 13th 2018 - Written by: Suzan Reagan

Preparing for the 2020 Census : Complete Count Committees

The 2020 Decennial Census preparations are underway and many important programs that lead up to Census day are ramping up. One of the important Census preparation programs that is starting now are Complete Count Committees. These committees have played a major role in raising awareness of the Census and encouraging people to fill out and turn in their Census questionnaire since 1980. Complete Count Committees are volunteer groups who aim to increase awareness and motivate people to respond to the Decennial Census. As such, these committees are generally organized to reach out to hard-to-count populations who have the most to lose with an under count. A successful and accurate count of the Decennial Census is important for state and local governments as many federally funded programs use the population counts to allocate funding. An under count can negatively impact NM budgets for important programs like Medicaid, SNAP, highways & transportation,… View Full Post