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 September 26th 2019 - Written by: Suzan Reagan

Signs of Fall: Data Release from the U.S. Census ACS!

September 26, 2019, the American Community Survey (ACS) 1 year estimates for 2018 data release. These data cover geographies with 65,000 or more in population. In New Mexico, that means we receive 2018 data for the entire state, four MSA’s, ten counties and four cities. This annual release covers more than 40 demographic and economic topics in the detailed profiles. To summarize, New Mexico 2018 data show that our median age is 38.1 with the U.S. median age at 38.2. Average household size in N.M. is 2.58, which represents a decrease from 2017 average household size of 2.66. The average family size has also dropped from 3.41 in 2017 to 3.28 in 2018. In N.M., the median household income is $47,169 and the poverty rate is 19.5% for 2018. The table at the end of this blog shows selected tabulations for New Mexico and the four Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA):… View Full Post

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