Julian Baca

Research Scientist

email: jbaca63@unm.edu

Julian joined BBER in 2015 as a Research Scientist. He has worked on a variety of projects including studies on the impact of publicly-supported micro loan investments, and the impact of publicly-supported infrastructure investment on the New Mexico economy. Julian’s areas of research interest are tax policy, public finance, economic development, energy, and social enterprise and social impact investing.

Julian has contributed articles to the New Mexico Business Weekly on the topics of local labor force development, fiscal impacts of the oil and gas industry, and foreign trade. He has served as a mentor for the UNM Public Policy Evaluation Lab, which provides program evaluation services to local non-profits.

A native of the South Valley in Albuquerque, Julian has varied experiences, including finance, public policy, and community organizing and advocacy.

In his free-time he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, and travel.