NM Grapples with Diversity, Job Growth
September 11, 2017
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal

Economy in NM Growing After Years of Stagnation
August 1, 2017
Dan Boyd, ABQ Journal

Employment Rate Improves In NM
July 21, 2017

City Releases Electric Utility Feasibility Study
June 29, 2017
Jonathan Miller, El Defensor

Falling Oil Prices Place Outlook for NM in Peril
June 25, 2017

Too Many NM Jobs Go Begging
May 29, 2017
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal

Researcher Finds Some Troubling Trends In NM Economic Data
April 27, 2017
Dan McKay, ABQ Journal

NM Sees Biggest Drop in Prime Working Age Employment Rate
April 26, 2017
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal

NM's Economy Veers Off Track
April 24, 2017
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal

NM Unemployment Rate No. 1 In Nation Again
April 21, 2017
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal

Scan Bright Spots in 2017 Forecasts
February 6, 2017
Marie Baca, ABQ Journal

Parts of NM Might Be In Recession but Not 3 Metro Areas
January 30, 2017

State Economists Doubt Recession Call
January 25, 2017

Oil Turnaround To Spur NM Growth
January 24, 2017

Federal Hiring Freeze Could Affect Hundreds of Jobs in NM
January 24, 2017

Rural NM Has The Highest Poverty Rate Among All States' Rural Areas
December 9, 2016
Rachel Sapin, ABQ Business First

Our Numbers Show The Non-Profit Sector's Heft In NM
September 9, 2016
Juliana Vadnais, ABQ Business First

NM People Places and Ideas: Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell (9/1/2016)
September 3, 2016
New Mexico is facing a multi-million dollar budget crisis. According to financial watchdogs, the State needs to plug a $150 million hole in the budget year completed June 30, 2016 and is on track to overspend by another $300 million in FY 17. Worse, the State’s $700 million Reserve Account has already been depleted, virtually guaranteeing a Special Legislative Session. What’s confusing is that New Mexico’s economy is growing, albeit at an anemic pace. Joining host Stephen Spitz to explain the reasons for the budget shortfall and why New Mexico has been so slow to recover from the financial crisis is Dr. Jeffery Mitchell, Director of UNM’s Bureau of Economic Research, who advises State policy makers on these very issues. Produced with assistance of Roman Garcia, Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

Movement of Items Like the Acoma Shield Impacts Identity, Dollars
May 31, 2016
Joe Cardillo, ABQ Business First

Stagnant Wages in New Mexico
May 16, 2016
Ellen Marks, ABQ Journal