The University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico has its own open data portal with information such as course enrollment, locations of things on campus, discounts students can receive (LoboPerks), and UNM events. Addtionally UNM has other open data from its digital collection such as historic pictures of Route 66. UNM open data is still in beta, but provides access to information that is well formatted and in one location. UNM also has a sunshine portal exteranal link icon , like the state, with information on expenditures. Below you'll find a chart showing how many students are in class (enrolled to be) at any given time, with the ability to easily compare different semesters and days of the week.  The University updates the source nightly, but we generate a static copy and use D3 to make our chart interactive. The data from the University's enrollment data is available at the UNM's Open Data website. Discover more University of New Mexico Open Data exteranal link icon .