Census 2000 P.L.94-171 Redistricting County Data by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity

BBER has created data tables showing Census 2000 county minimum and maximum populations by race and Hispanic Origin. These tables show all races by county on one table.

For an Excel version of the tables listed below Click Here.

Persons of One Race Only (Minimum Population):

Persons of One Race Only or in Combination with Some Other Race (Maximum Population):

Note: Data not adjusted based on the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation. For information on confidentiality protection, sampling error, nonsampling error and definitions, see https://factfinder.census.gov/home/en/datanotes/expplu.html

You can access related redistricting data directly from the Census Bureau's web site at Census Bureau's Redistricting Data Web Site. Other Census data can be accessed via the Census Bureau's American FactFinder (AFF).

If you have questions regarding this redistricting data, or about any Census 2000 issues, please contact Data Bank staff at (505)277-6626 or by e-mailing us at dbinfo@unm.edu.